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Ben and Jerry’s Drops First Pair of Ice Cream-Inspired Sneakers Following New Flavor For Steve Carell’s ‘Space Force,’ Our Midnight Pint Binges Not Slowing Down Yet

President Donald Trump made headlines (and got a lot of laughs) when he announced that there would be a new branch of the military that would be called “Space Force.” While we haven’t heard much about this new branch of the armed services in the months since, Netflix must have immediately sprung into action and began writing and filming a show. That’s because this past week Steve Carell’s Space Force premiered on the streaming platform. To complement the show, Ben and Jerry’s released a space-themed ice cream called “Boots on the Moooo’n,” made with milk chocolate ice cream chock full of fudgy cows and toffee meteors with a center of sugar cookie dough. But, that’s not all. For some reason, they actually made “Moooo’n” boots.

Photo: Ben and Jerry’s

In a surprising move, Ben and Jerry’s, in collaboration with Netflix and Nike SB, dropped its first-ever sneakers. They’re called ”Chunky Dunky” and what began as Nike Dunk Lows were highlighted by the well-known B and J’s color scheme of sky blue, cow-print, and tie-dye.

Since sneakerheads love shoes even more than ice cream fans love new, limited-edition flavors, when these unique kicks hit Nike SB stores last week, they sold out faster than you could say “Ben and Jerry’s made a pair of sneakers?” Good luck getting a pair now because they’re selling for up to $5,000 on the secondary market. Who needs them anyway, right? We’ll just stick to our tried and true Vans and a pint of Chubby Hubby.

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