Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts Drop Cookie-Themed Sneakers, We’re Starting a Pool For How Long Until Someone Tries Eating Those, Too

The Girl Scoutscookie game is unparalleled. So it’s no wonder that the entrepreneurial female empowerment group wants to expand into other retail sectors. The space into which it’s moving, however, is one we never would have guessed: sneakers.

Yes, the uniformed little girls you can’t resist purchasing cookies from every spring are branching out into footwear. And not just any kind of shoes, either; cookie-themed kicks.

Girl Scouts USA and K-Swiss have teamed up to create the Girl Scout x K-Swiss Court 66 shoe line. It includes three kinds of sweet sneakers inspired by a few of the most popular Girl Scout cookies: Trefoils, Caramel deLites/Samosas, and Thin Mints.

“At K-Swiss we believe that entrepreneurship is the new aspiration of young people, our target audience,” Barney Waters, President of K-swiss said in a press release. “The Girl Scout cookie program teaches important lessons of entrepreneurship early on, and so it was a program we wanted to support in a creative way.”

Girl Scouts

All of the shoes are made of premium soft suede. The Trefoils-themed sneaks come in a light tan color and feature the cookie’s trademark design on the side. The Caramel deLites-esque kicks are a burnt orange with magenta laces, a callback to that cookie’s box aesthetic. And the Thin Mints-inspired shoes are mint green with brown dots.

The collection is available now at, and

Our only question is: how long until someone tries to chow down on these tasty-looking sneaks? They could easily be confused for “sole food” after all.

Photos: K-Swiss

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