Girl Scout cookies

Girl Scout Cookies in Season, Let the Ruthless Parking Lot Haggling Begin (Plus Our Ranking of the Best Girl Scout Cookies)

Spring is in the air which means so, too, are the Girl Scouts of America. These businesswomen in-the-making are hard at work, slingin’ Girl Scout cookies like hotcakes and we are all about that life. Whether they find us in the parking lot of the local Walmart or are ballsy enough to march straight up to our front door and ring the bell, the Girl Scouts are here to do sell us some cookies.

Now is the time to fork over your hard-earned money to buy those little boxes of heaven. Whether you’re a fan of Tagalongs, Samoas or the holy grail — Thin Mints — if spring is here it means the Girl Scouts and their irresistible cookies are not far behind. It also means that we are here, providing you with our ranking of these delicious little money-makers.

Cover Photo: MarkCoffeyPhoto (Getty Images)

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