Mandatory Good News: Girl Scouts Donate Cookies and Make Masks Since They Can’t Accost You With Them in Parking Lots

The COVID-19 outbreak has terrible timing. It struck the U.S. right in the midst of Girl Scout cookie sales season. Just when we were starting to see cheerful girls with patch-packed vests asking us nicely (as if we needed convincing) to purchase some of their colorful, boxed treats everywhere, the pandemic spread. Because of social distancing and shelter-in-place guidelines, the Girl Scouts had to suspend door-to-door sales and public cookie booths, moving our sugary impulse buying online instead. But just because coronavirus is determined to ruin 2020 Girl Scout cookie sales (is nothing sacred?) doesn’t mean that the troops are letting this global health crisis get them down.

In a true act of goodwill, the Girl Scouts’ online sales site offers cookie monsters such as ourselves an opportunity to do a little good in the world by donating boxes of cookies. About one in 10 boxes purchased on the site are donated. But that wasn’t generous enough for the Girl Scouts. Troops across the country are donating cookies, too, and they’re giving them to those hardest hit by coronavirus: food banks and health care workers. In New York alone, 60,000 boxes made their way to stressed-out nurses and food insecure households.

While a box full of cookies sounds like just what we all need right now to make it through this disconcerting and unprecedented era, the Girl Scouts are going beyond comfort eating in their fight against COVID-19. They’re also sewing homemade face masks for thousands of health care workers and pharmacy employees. Could these little ladies be any sweeter? With the Girl Scouts mobilizing and taking action for the greater good, coronavirus doesn’t stand a chance.

Cover Photo: Christian Science Monitor / Contributor (Getty Images)

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