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Girl Scout Sells More Than 300 Boxes Of Cookies Outside California Weed Shop

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And that, kids, is nothing short of capitalism at its finest.

According to WTVR, there was not only quite the demand for legal marijuana outside of a Mission Bay pot shop over the weekend but also…wait for it…Girl Scout Cookies.

A genius Girl Scout sat outside of Urban Leaf for six hours and sold more than 300 boxes of the good shit. Of course, we live in 2018 America so something like a Girl Scout selling Tagalongs outside of a joint selling tainted peanut butter got quite a few pairs of panties in a bunch.

The good news for this scout is that as long as she was selling her cookies from a wagon that was off of the weed store’s property while a parent or guardian was present, she wasn’t breaking any rules or Girl Scout code.

“So if that’s what they say they were doing…then they were right within the rules,” Alison Bushan of Girl Scouts San Diego said.

It probably also helped that Urban Leaf posted this advertisement for the young lady before her cookie wagon opened for business.

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Taking advantage of potheads is nothing new in terms of a good business model. Hell, half of the shit I own was purchased after I got baked and sat through a 30-minute infomercial starring Danny Bonaduce.

So yeah, kudos to this girl as well as her parents for keeping an open mind.

There’s a special place in hell for this guy: A Florida Man Stole Money From Girl Scouts Selling Delicious Cookies