The Best Whiskeys to Pair With Your Campfire S’mores

Photo:  PaulSveda (Getty Images)

When it comes to summer activities, there are few things more fun than a camping trip with friends. A nice campsite with a comfortable tent complete with an air mattress and a nearby bathroom are must-haves. The same goes for a beer-filled cooler, various meats to grill, and a slew of yard games. A perfect end to a perfect camping day culminates with everyone sitting around a campfire, swapping stories, eating s’mores, and sipping great, well-made whiskeys.

For those who are living under a proverbial rock, a s’more consists of a toasted marshmallow sandwiched between a piece of sweet, gooey milk chocolate and two graham crackers. It’s delicious and deserves to be paired with the right whiskey. Lucky for you, we love both s’mores and whiskey, so we came up with a list of a handful of great whiskeys that pair perfectly with this nostalgic, sweet summertime treat. Keep reading to see them all.


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