This Tent Is Perfect For People Who Want to Camp But Hate Camping

Want to take a trip to Aruba? How about Cancun? Maybe Italy tickles your fancy? Welp, people still don’t know how to act, so you’re stuck stateside for a little longer, but that’s not bad news! There are so many things you can see within these 50 states exclusively you’re never going to want to travel anywhere else (that’s a lie, but it makes the idea of being isolated by country suck less). Instead of playing the dolla dolla bills for a plane ticket to fill your wanderlust, just hitch a tent on the back of the car and have an instant on the road home with this Extended Pop-Up Car Tent.

Okay happy campers and glampers, here’s the deal on this tent: attaching right to your car for convenience, this baby is built from heavy-duty PVC to create an extension of your back seat while keeping everything dry and free from UV rays. Need something from the cooler in the trunk? No sweat, just open up the back mesh window and grab any drink, blanket, electronic, and other things you may need in your little getaway tent. And, for those of us who are claustrophobic,  the tent has plenty of little zipper windows and doors clad in mosquito netting to allow you to get head-on out when the day is young without letting the bugs in. The electroplated zippers will never rust, making this the perfect gift for lazy people who forget to take care of their tents.

Okay, but how big is this thing? We mean, can you throw an all-out ranger in there? Short answer: yes. The many storage pockets, space for table and chairs, and room for a comfy bed make this tent perfect for a party of one or two (because who’s more important than you and your boo thing?).

Get the Extended Pop-Up Car Tent for $249.95 (Reg. $379).

Prices subject to change.