YouTuber Recreates ‘Squid Game’ in Real Life, Perfect Way to Pay Off Your Student Loans (Or Die Trying)

Way back in October, when Squid Game was the hottest show on Netflix, YouTuber MrBeast made an indecent proposal on TikTok. He posted a video offering to recreate the deadly children’s game IRL if his post got 10 million likes. Within 48 hours, he’d reached his target and it was (squid) game on.

Not everyone believed the 23-year-old social media star would keep his word. But one month and $2 million dollars later, Jimmy Donaldson has posted the first pictures of what is shaping up to be an epic experiment in societal desperation. And to be honest, his game sets look pretty spot on. See for yourself.

According to MrBeast, the undertaking is starting to add up fast. With the amount of money he’s plunking into the game, we hope he has some cash left over to pay his contestants. (The ones who survive.) Whatever the payout, there’s no doubt folks will be lining up to take part in the first-ever official squid games.

Known for his large-scale happenings, MrBeast recently held a game of extreme tag at Bristol Motor Speedway, with the winner earning a cool $500,000. And with his latest game turning into the biggest venture yet, there’s no telling how much squid cheddar one destitute human will walk away with. In other words, this might just be your chance to finally pay off your shitty used car loan. Or at least step up your milk game by going boutique dairy.

However you plan on irresponsibly blowing through your winnings, it’s time to start living or die trying. Squid Game is life.

@mrbeast##stitch comment what number contestant you want to be 🙂♬ Squid Game – Carrot

Cover Photo: Twitter


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