Meanwhile in Irony: YouTuber Who Made Video Claiming Not to Be Dead Dies Shortly After


We think Michael Scott said it best when he said, “I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious.” We’re the same way. We don’t really have a ton of fear associated with walking under a ladder, finding a black cat crossed our path, and we definitely don’t have a rabbit’s foot on our keychain. We do however knock on wood from time to time and certainly don’t want to throw something out into the universe to dare it to come true. The latter is exactly what happened to a Youtuber recently.

It all started when Tor Eckhoff took to YouTube to tell his followers that he was still alive. This wouldn’t seem strange except for the fact that he actually died only a few days later.

Known on YouTube as Apetor, Eckhoff uploaded a video on November 22 called “I am Not Dead, I Am 57 Today.” In the strange video, the Norwegian man had “57” drawn on his forehead while he celebrated with shots of vodka and homemade “tea liquor.” At one point, he also kissed a tree and put a plastic bag over his head.

While it does seem ironic that he died days later, Eckhoff regularly made videos on his birthday to announce that he was in fact still alive. He won’t be making any more for his 1.2 million followers though because in a strange turn of events he died falling through the ice at the Jakobs Dam near Kongsberg, Norway.

While the whole thing is pretty side, we’re sure the quirky Eckhoff can appreciate the ironic nature of his demise after enthusiastically proclaiming that he was still alive.


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