Meanwhile in Boxing: Mike Tyson Agrees to Fight Logan Paul, Nation Thanks Him in Advance For Knocking Paul’s Head Off His Body

Photo: Johnny Nunez (Getty Images)

When Youtuber Logan Paul (not be confused with his brother Jack Paul) said he was going to get into boxing, we all thought it was just a joke. When he actually fought in a match, we assumed he’d get pummeled. While his brother has fought some more well known fighters and won, Logan Paul started by fighting a fellow Youtuber before working his way up to a fight with Floyd Mayweather. Somehow (we’re not going to make any assumptions here) he managed to go the full eight rounds and miraculously it was a draw. Well, with that exhibition under his belt, it seems the social media influencer has his sights set on Iron Mike himself.

Mike Tyson and Logan Paul are going to fight. And even though Tyson is 55 and Paul is 26, the former heavyweight champ who once bit off Evander Holyfield’s ear in the middle of a bout isn’t remotely squared by the Youtubers performance against Mayweather.

While details are limited so far, Tyson has said in interviews that he has a big fight coming in Las Vegas in February and all signs point to Paul being his opponent. We’re not going to say that Mayweather went easy on him, but we’re going to guarantee Tyson won’t. Might we see the first time a boxer actually punched someone’s head clear off their body? We’ll have to wait until February to find out.


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