Mike Tyson Ear-Shaped Edibles Bring Cannibalism to Cannabis, This GOAT Boxer Needs No Punchline

Photo: twitter.com/ItsTyson20

Every now and then there are news stories that are so bizarre yet make absolute sense. You know, the kind of oddball stories the somehow don’t leave you scratching your head at all. The kind of weirdness that feels like it’s exactly what should happen. Well, the newest addition to the head scratcher that makes sense is Mike Tyson’s human ear-shaped cannabis edibles. Yes, you read that right, they’re not shaped like berries, cherries, or some other sweet treat, they’re shaped like human ears.

Perhaps you don’t remember (or weren’t born yet for) the infamous WBA heavyweight title fight between Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield. Well, everything seemed to be going fine until “Iron” Mike decided to nibble on Holyfield’s ear. And by nibble, we mean that he literally bit a chunk of his ear off and spit it onto the ring. Obviously, this created a strange scene where the ring was rushed by member of both fighter’s entourage and Tyson was disqualified.

Instead of dwelling on one of the darkest moments in sports history negatively, Tyson decided that the time was right to have a little fun with it and make some money. He’s doing this by launching a cannabis company called Tyson 2.0 and dropping ear-shaped edible aptly named “Mike Bites”.

If you want to try “Mike Bites”, you’ll have to visit dispensaries in Massachusetts, California, and Nevada, because those are the only place you can nibble on these ears at least at first.