Dog Goes Headfirst Into Halloween, Gets Head Stuck Inside a Pumpkin

Who said pets couldn’t get in the Halloween spirit? Sure, owners force their fur babies to put on ridiculous costumes every year. That doesn’t count. But one dog dove headfirst into the spookiest holiday of the year – and had his owners (and subsequently everyone else on social media) laughing their heads off.

Luke, a 4-month-old Australian shepherd, somehow got his noggin stuck in a jack-o-lantern. His mind-boggling bungle was captured on video, where his owners can be heard laughing “Luke! What are you doing? Isn’t he cute?”

The dog grows increasingly distraught, whipping his head around as if to knock it literally off his block. But that’s where the video ends, so we don’t know what happened to poor Luke and his overzealous Halloween antics. Did he break free from the orange gourd on his own or did someone bust out a chainsaw and do their best Leatherface impression? We have no idea, but one thing we are sure of: Luke will be scared of pumpkins for the rest of his canine life.

Cover Photo: Storyful

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