Baby Bear Steals Woman’s Pumpkin, Apparently a Little Confused About the Rules of Halloween

When it comes to Halloween-style shenanigans, we know all about kids smashing pumpkins, throwing eggs at people and homes, rolling toilet paper on trees, and jumping out and scaring people (and likely taking their hard-earned candy in the process). But, all of these pranks usually consist of humans playing practical jokes on other humans. Rarely, do they involve animals. Especially stories where the wild animal chooses trick over treat. That’s exactly what happened recently in New Jersey and it was all caught on video.

Kelly Stephens of Morris County, New Jersey, noticed an alert that someone was approaching her front door. When she took a look at the video, she was shocked to see a bear looking over her Halloween decorations. She screamed and the burgling bear grabbed a pumpkin in its mouth and ran off.

Obviously hungry and hoping for an autumnal snack, the bear can be seen creeping up to the house in the video before snatching up the pumpkin and running away. In the video, you can also see the bear scrambling away and dropping the pumpkin while attempting to make its escape. The gourd rolls down the street as the bear makes chase, unwilling to give up on his Halloween feast.

It grabs it up again and finds a spot across the street from the house and settles in to eat the pumpkin. The best part of this story is that nobody got hurt, the woman has an interesting video, and the bear got a meal. The only negative is that now she’ll have to go out and get a replacement pumpkin before the holiday. Hopefully, this one lasts until at least Nov. 1.

Photo: Ed Gregory / EyeEm (Getty Images)

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