Mandatory Movember: The Top 10 Tastiest Beers to Get Stuck in Your November Beard

Unless you live under a proverbial rock, you’ve heard all about “no shave November” or more specifically Movember. Started in 2003, Movember is a month-long event that takes place in November in which men either don’t shave all month or grow mustaches. This is done to raise awareness for a variety of causes including suicide, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer.

Since you’re probably growing some form of facial hair this month, regardless if it’s patchy or bushy, you’re going to want to have a beer or two. Said beer will probably find a way to get stuck in your late fall blooming beard so it better be good. Lucky for you, we’re here to help. We came up with 10 of the tastiest beers to get stuck in your November beard. Check them all out below.

Photo: AleksandarGeorgiev (Getty Images)

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