James Bond

James Bond Reality Series Announced, Proving Hollywood Is Truly Out Of Ideas

Amazon may have just bought MGM for $8.5 billion, but the would-be streaming giant already has plans to ruin the famed movie studio. That’s right folks, a new James Bond reality series is coming to your eyeballs whether you like it or not. After taking on the role of Gollum in the new Lord of the Rings series, it seems that Jeff Bezos is now taking on the iconic role of Goldfinger when he could have just played Dr. No.

Amazon, which now co-owns the screen rights to the James Bond franchise with Eon productions, is already ruining the studio’s crown jewel. 007’s Road To A Million, is a competition show where contestants travel around the world to the exotic locales featured in the Bond movies in a race to capture a 1.3 million prize. According to Deadline, the series will be a test of intelligence and endurance whereby two-person teams must correctly answer questions before moving on to the next location. You heard that right, this is basically just a terrible Bond-themed rip-off of The Amazing Race

If anything, this new reality series proves that Hollywood is officially out of ideas. 007’s Road to a Million has apparently been in development since 2018, meaning that the project was already in motion before the MGM/Amazon merger was completed. However, Amazon also had the ability to stop this series from moving forward and they chose not to.

Although the series will be based in the U.K., Amazon clearly has global aspirations for this one. In case this somehow interests you, the producers are inviting fans to send in submissions. Otherwise, we’ll just have to wait for the further butchering of the Bond franchise as they are bound to give it the Disney Star Wars treatment.

Cover Photo: MGM/Eon Productions


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