Footage of Will Smith Cracking Bald Jokes Resurfaces, A Time Traveling Slap in the Face

Sunday night’s Oscars really slapped. As the ripples continue to spread outward from the slap heard around the world, new footage has resurfaced showing Will Smith cracking bald jokes of his own. (Because the internet never forgets.)

The year was 1991 and Smith had just scored a major hit with season one of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Young and brash, the jokester visited The Arsenio Hall Show for a quick chat during which he spotted a shimmering cue ball nearby. Lining up his shot, Smith took aim at the show’s bass player John B. Williams, who’s more hairless than an Egyptian Sphynx.

While Williams laughed off the cheap shot, members of the audience groaned, to which Smith argued, “Oh it’s a joke, man! It’s a joke! Come on!”

Hmm, where’ve we heard that before?

If only the Will Smith from 1991 could time travel to 2022 and save his future self from storming the stage after Chris Rock made almost the exact same joke about his wife. Or better yet, Will Smith from today could travel back to 1991 and we’d have a real thriller on our hands.

While we await that shaky premise to materialize, social media continues to weigh in on The Slap, with Smith’s wife Jada finally adding her two cents. Posting to Instagram she wrote, “This is a season for healing and I’m here for it.”

And she’s absolutely right. Because everyone knows that after the Season of Smacking comes the Season of Healing. (That is 100 percent the correct order.) And in the aftermath of getting the shit smacked out of him on live television, Chris Rock may need the rest of Spring before the swelling goes down.

Cover Photo: NBC (Getty Images)


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