This Guy Claims To Be A Time Traveler From The Year 2030 And He Even Passed A Lie Detector Test

Photo: Universal Pictures

The good news? Cash money still exists. The bad news? You guessed it – Trump gets a second term.

Meet Noah. This guy says he is from the future, and the good news for frequent flyer miles hoarders is that human beings are still using planes in the year 2030, but electric trains are much more popular because they’re quicker. But all travel on this planet is basically chicken shit because starting in 2028, people will be able to make their way to Mars.

And who’s President of the United States in 2030? If you guessed Ilana Remikee, well, good for you for not only getting it right but also for knowing who in the hell that is.

Buy hey, don’t take our word for it. Instead, watch this video of the crew from ApexTV hooking Noah up to a lie detector test and asking him a bunch of questions about the next 12 years. Believe it or not, Noah actually passed the test. Cue the creepy music and have a watch.

Trips to the moon but zero moon bases? That blows. But how about the great news for the crew at ApexTV? They’re apparently extremely popular 12 years down the road, which is great job security for everyone involved at their channel.

“I want to be clear … my sole objective is to prove to you that time travel exists,” Noah said.

Well, my good time-traveling friend. Let me be clear. I want to know who wins the next ten Super Bowls. Thanks.


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