O.J. Simpson Chimes in on Will Smith Slap, Recommends Ill-Fitting Glove Next Time to Avoid Prosecution

You know you’re in bad shape when O.J. Simpson starts giving you advice. Such is the new reality of Will Smith living in a post-slap world.

Taking a moment before his morning margarita, O.J hopped on Twitter to express his inner ramblings. And the former actor, football star, and nicest guy in Hollywood certainly knows more than most when it comes to being on the wrong side of public opinion. (He even had more to say on the subject than Chris Rock himself, who cagily told an audience in Boston that he’s “still processing” the events that unfolded at the Oscars.)

Becoming the butt of many jokes himself after the infamous 1994 white Bronco chase that led to his arrest and eventual acquittal, O.J. confessed he’s wanted to “b-slap a couple of those guys” too. But far from condoning The Slap, he concluded, “you’ve gotta accept it’s humor.” The former Heisman Trophy winner went so far as to caption his post, “He was wrong but I understand the sentiment.”

Damn. Even The Juice, the man who impulsively fled to Mexico, committed a Las Vegas robbery (and did some other stuff we won’t get into here), is shocked by Will Smith’s lack of restraint. What a slap in the face.

Of course, O.J. being O.J., he had to make the whole thing about himself by claiming this: Had it been him who’d done the slapping, he’d have gotten life without parole. Hey, if the glove fits.

Cover Photo: Twitter