Funniest Tweets of Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock, Making the Oscars Great Again

Well, that happened. While the Oscars seemed to be dragging on as usual, out walks Chris Rock. In his typical way, he throws up a few jokes and hits some grounders but one came a little too close to the Smith family. After telling Jada Smith that he can’t wait to see her in GI Jane 2 due to her hair (she has alopecia, no idea if Chris Rock knew or not) the cameras cut to the Smith couple where Will was laughing while Jada was visibly upset. The next thing we see is Will Smith walking up on stage and throwing a right slap across Chris Rock’s mouth and going back to his seat while yelling back at Chris Rock. Well of course Twitter completely lost their minds and we have all the amazing tweets to go along with the situation.

Photo by: ROBYN BECK / Getty Images