Doja Cat Confirms She’s Quitting Music in Fiery Tweet, Can She Tom Brady Her Way Out of This One?

Doja Cat has quit. The 26-year-old singer who rose to fame with her viral joke song “MOOO!” is putting herself out to pasture after her current South American tour started going, um, south.

The trouble began when flooding in Paraguay forced Asunciónico Festival to cancel her set. Doja Cat had already been feeling low after giving a less-than-stellar performance in Brazil, and when fans complained of her subsequent cancellation, the “Say So” singer tweeted she’d had enough.

Taking full advantage of the 280-character tweet limit, Doja Cat wrote, “it’s gone and i don’t give a f— anymore i fuckin quit i can’t wait to fucking disappear and i don’t need you to believe in me anymore. Everything is dead to me, music is dead, and i’m a fucking fool for ever thinking i was made for this this is a fucking nightmare unfollow me.”

While this reads exactly like a bad acid trip in tweet form, she then added more succinctly:

Despite the sudden dip out, Doja Cat played a show the next day, prompting a Florida radio station to muse thusly:

Since then, Doja’s Twitter handle “mike penis” has been uncharacteristically silent. Is she merely hiding in a suitcase somewhere licking her wounds?

Our money is on Doja Cat Tom Brady-ing her way out of retirement by May. But if this truly is her Twitter epitaph, here lies the obit: The Los Angeles-born TikTok sensation built her persona around being a cow, a cat person, a reptilian money maker, and a space alien. Yet despite her music being fairly dynamic for pop-centric skim rap, the whole journey felt like the artist continually hiding her true self. And now that she’s gone off to greener pasture, we may never know the real Doja Cat.

Cover Photo: Mauricio Santana (Getty Images)


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