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Katy Perry Splits Her Pants on ‘American Idol,’ Our Teenage Dream

This is our teenage wet dream. Singer Katy Perry recently split her pants on American Idol while singing (yes, you guessed it) her hit “Teenage Dream.”

It happened on Monday during the show’s Hollywood Week episode. As part of the programming, the pop star, along with fellow judges Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie, belted out the tune. Perry, dressed in tight red leather pants, dropped it low. Then, just as she sang, “Put your hands on me in my skintight jeans,” her pants ripped, giving the audience an eyeful.

Unfortunately for horny viewers at home, the show covered up her ass with an American Idol graphic.

“The concert is officially over,” Richie proclaimed.

Apparently so. It’s as if everyone was suddenly dropped into a comedy show, because they were all laughing.

Thankfully, Perry doesn’t take herself too seriously.

“Can I get some tape, some gaffer tape?” she asked, then stuck her derriere out so a crew could patch her up.

Perry also became the, ahem, butt of the joke online, where Bryan Photoshopped Perry’s face on a screenshot of SpongeBob splitting his pants. “This is supposed to be a family show,” he reminded Perry, who cleverly replied, “Family, my ass.”

This isn’t the first time this has happened (Perry split her pants in 2018, too) and it probably isn’t the last. But, hey, we aren’t complaining. Just don’t censor it next time.

Cover Photo: YouTube


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