Brutally Honest Movie Reviews: ‘Halloween Kills’ Tries Too Hard To Revive A Lifeless Franchise

Brutally Honest Movie Reviews: ‘Halloween Kills’ Tries Too Hard to Revive a Lifeless Franchise

David Gordon Green’s Halloween Kills is the sequel to his film Halloween, which picked up forty years after the events of the original Halloween (1978) and retconned all of the franchise’s weird installments. 2018’s Halloween capitalized on nostalgia, giving Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode the Sarah Connor treatment because every young girl who gets attacked comes back in a sequel as a militarized, bad mom. Aside from its unstoppable, William Shatner-inspired killing machine, Halloween Kills has absolutely nothing in common with Terminator 2: Judgment Day. It has more in common with Terminator: [Enter Ominous Word or Phase Here] as it tries to revive a lifeless franchise—which is what we’ll explore today in our brutally honest review of Halloween Kills

Cover Photo: Universal Pictures

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