Crash And Burn: 15 Of The Best Breakup Tweets

Photo: Mixmike (Getty Images)

They say only fools fall in love, but what about those who fall out of love? Are they fools, or simply geniuses disguised as complete assholes? When it comes to the #bestbreakup tweets, we have to say, it’s certainly a mix of both. Ending a relationship can be hard, but finding the humor in the experience is an art. So enjoy what can only be described as real-life performance art as retold by the people bold enough to share their breakup stories.

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Here’s a toast to the people who didn’t stick around when times got tough, who saw the red flags and didn’t ignore them, and to the people who put an end to the bad thing so they could celebrate the single life. Their #bestbreakup story may inspire someone just like you to pull the plug on a relationship that’s been DOA for a while.

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Does your best breakup top these tweets? Share your story in the comments!

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