8 Horrifying Phone Apps That Shouldn’t Exist But Sadly Very Much Do

Whatever you’re doing in life — or avoiding doing — there’s probably an app or multiple apps for that. That’s true even if what you’re trying to do isn’t very good or is even downright nuts. Smartphones help us find food, get rides, chat with friends, do work and procrastinate. You can even get help falling asleep, meditating or pretty much anything else. They’re like modern electronic Swiss Army knives.

Smartphones have taken over almost every aspect of our existence. Many people today find love, sex, or (if they’re lucky) both using their phones. Our pocket computers track our motions. They spy on our conversations. Sometimes they even know us better than we know ourselves. Do you want to create a parallel dimension, date rich guys or hack a Wi-Fi network? You can do it all using your smartphone. Here are eight phone apps that are as terrifying as they are real.

Photo: bymuratdeniz (Getty Images)

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