Free iPhone Apps

6 Free iPhone Apps You Can Download Now

Photo: The Image Bank (Getty Images)

Phones do so much for our lives. They act as a home for our media and communications. They give us windows into the world, whether that be through YouTube videos, online articles, or the lens of a camera. Sometimes, they can even entertain our cats. No matter what we need them to do, phones wouldn’t work without apps. They’re the programs that fuel the potential of our little iPhones. Some cost money, but most are free. Some of the most useful that cost money may even become free iPhone apps over time. Those are the types of apps we’ll be dealing with here.

Generally, if you’re paying for an iOS app, you expect a certain level of quality. That’s what makes deals like this so great. You don’t have to spend any of your hard-earned dollars, and these useful tools get more eyeballs and perhaps a few good reviews out of the deal. (Either that or a few more customers for their in-app payments.) It really depends on the type of app you’re downloading. From photo filters to augmented reality and rotating wallpapers, here are a sextet of previously premium apps that you can now get for no money down.

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