A Guy Who Sold His Kidney for an iPhone is Screwed for Life

Photo: NICOLAS ASFOURI / Contributor (Getty Images)

We don’t have to tell you that Apple products are expensive. People are forking out over $1,000 for the newest iPhone, a device that seems to have a new model come out every 12 months or so. But even that price seems like a better deal than trading your kidney for one.

As a result of his stupidity, a man is bedridden for life because of an infection that resulted from an unsanitary surgery. That same surgery was done by a shady doctor who removed the guy’s kidney. The man then sold it on the black market so he could get cash to buy Apple products.

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Eight years ago, Wang Shangkun was 17 years old when he decided to go under a dirty knife to have his kidney turned into currency. He apparently met some people on the dark web who promised payment for his organ in the amount of NZ$3,700 ($2,517.05 in the United States). He used that cash to buy an iPhone 4 and an iPad. We’re sure there was never an app in the App Store that measured the gravity of his mistake.

Now Shangkun is 25 years old and dealing with a renal deficiency that keeps him laid up in bed for the remainder of his life. As for the people from the web, a handful of them went to jail because harvesting organs is a big no-no pretty much wherever you go.

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Shankun’s family reportedly collect big time on the whole situation, winning a suit that garnered them NZ$317,000 ($215,650.34 in the U.S.). We’re hoping that amount of cash is enough to get the next iPhone but, as you can expect, there’s no guarantee there.