Surgery Addict Can’t Sit Down On Talk Show Due To Botched Butt Implants

Screengrab: YouTube/This Morning

If a person wants to go ahead and have surgery to feel better about themselves they should be able to do that. But some folks clearly take it overboard — so much so that they put their physical well-being in jeopardy. And that’s pretty much what’s going on to a British woman named Stacy Marie Delguidice, better known as Star Delguidice.

Delguidice appeared on the very popular morning show, This Morning to talk about her new butt implants, as well as the numerous surgeries she’s had over the years. The only problem? Delguidice wasn’t able to sit down and had to do the entire interview on her feet.

Delguidice revealed to hosts Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes that she had to gain 42 pounds in order to have the $20,800 procedure done, which had fat being transferred to her hips and butt. But unfortunately for Delguidice, she found that the botched butt implants made it “really painful” to sit.

“It’s a very dangerous new craze. I didn’t realize the dangers and the risks,” Delguidice explained about the butt lifts. “I really did not realize what it was going to be like and it’s just caused me great anxiety.”

Oh boy. Here’s what else Delguidice had to say about her procedure.

“I can be very naïve sometimes like many young ladies out there. I didn’t do much research on it. I’ve never been happy with the way I looked. I used to be a size zero, really skinny, and my bum was really flat. But I do really miss my bum before.”

As of today Delguidice has spent $277,000 on improving her body through surgery, and she’s blaming her tough upbringing for her addiction, as she was part of a family of strict Jehovah’s Witnesses.

“It stems from being a young child and being shut away from a lot of things,” Delguidice said. “I’m not entirely blaming my family for the way I turned out, but you know.”

Delguidice reveals that it might take up to two years for her and her butt to feel comfortable and normal again. Until then I advise her to get a couple of nice pillows to carry with her if she’s planning on sitting down for a long period of time.

That or ease off the surgery.

h/t The LADbible

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