Brazilian Woman Injects 4 Pints Of Fat Into Her Butt To Look Like Kim Kardashian

Photo: Instagram/Jennifer Pamplona

Do I know why that mom spent spent over $200,000 in order to look like Barbie? No I do not. And do I know why a woman had DD breast implants in her butt? Again, I do not. So please don’t ask me what Jennifer Pamplona was thinking when she decided to inject her butt with four pints of fat, because I honestly don’t know.

The 24-year-old from Sao Paolo is so addicted to surgery and is so after the idea of looking like useless human being, Kim Kardashian, that she has spent over $470,000 to inject herself with fat. And that’s not the only thing she’s done to herself either.

“My doctors have asked me if I am scared to die from the surgeries, but, in my opinion, if it happens I will die happy and beautiful,” Pamplona said.

And all of this is of course to look just like Kim. Pamplona reveals that she was a slender girl growing up so she aimed to look even better. And remember when we said injecting herself in the butt isn’t the only thing she’s done to herself? Well, here’s what else she’s done:

Two boob jobs, a nose job, liposuction and she’s had four ribs removed in the past seven year. Holy hell.

“Before, whenever I looked in the mirror all I could think was that I needed a bigger butt,” Pamplona adds. “Now I’m so much happier. Having surgery has changed my life and helped me to overcome depression.”

And going under the knife countless times have reeled in the offers for the Brazilian, as she’s modeled for Versace and she currently stars in a reality show called Plastics of Hollywood. Success, I guess.

“People say I’m stupid, but I have achieved a lot,” Pamplona  says. “I came from a poor Brazilian village . . . [now I’m] famous and [have] created a company. I’m a good person, I support my family, support charities, I don’t drink or do drugs, I do my best for the world and try to be a better person every day.”

And she probably makes more money than you. And now here’s the before and after photos of Pamplona and her butt.

Screenshot: YouTube

Check out the video below to see more on Pamplona.

Via NY Post

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