Room Tearing Me Apart Bagel Emoji

Apple Tears The Internet Apart Over A Bagel Emoji

Apple is currently deep into the beta test for iOS 12.1. Rather than any new phone feature or cutting edge upgrade, the biggest news is about an emoji. Particularly, the bagel emoji, which represents the king of breakfast confections. The image included in early beta versions depicted a bagel that looked like a “machine-cut monstrosity” according to some esteemed emoji commentators. Everything from the crust to the insides faced criticism, particularly by the bagel lovers of New York.

Thankfully (?), Apple took up time and resources to correct this grave injustice in the latest update to their beta yesterday. What was once a grocery store-style purchase for the common man is now a much more refined bread item. Where there was once a plain canvas of topping opportunities, there is now a spread of cream cheese. A favored topping to be sure, but not as universal. While some called this update a redemption, others called for a spectrum of bagel emojis to cover all possible situations. I guess you can’t please everyone.

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At the very least, Apple has nipped this crisis in the bun bud. The company’s customers may still have phones that slow down whenever a new one is around the corner, but at least they’ll be able to express their hunger for breakfast food without straining their thumb. Now, if you excuse me, I hear Walmart is having a sale on Lenders in the frozen food section.