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Steve Jobs’ Daughter Eve Makes Modeling Debut, We’d Buy Whatever iPhone She Told Us To

Steve Jobs left quite a legacy behind in the tech world after his death. Whose life hasn’t been touched by an Apple product, after all? But the name Jobs is back in the news, and it’s because his daughter Eve making a name of her own – as a model.

The 22-year-old blonde bombshell is part of Glossier’s new holiday ad campaign. She posted pics on her Instagram of herself in a bubble bath applying the makeup line’s red lip gloss and donning black under-eye masks in addition to a pic of her painted-fingernailed hand holding a glass of Champagne.


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“Biggest thanks to @emilyweiss & everyone at @glossier ! Go check out the collection,” she captioned the images.

With her pouty lips and dewy skin, it’s clear she got the looks in the family – and they came from her mom, not her dad.


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We’d bet anything that Eve’s modeling future is bright – in fact, we wonder why she hasn’t been recruited to sell iPhones yet. Maybe it’s because the accomplished equestrian is too busy studying at Stanford University (where her parents met).

Regardless of why she hasn’t leveraged her looks sooner, Eve Jobs is definitely one to keep an eye on.

Cover Photo: @evecjobs (Instagram)

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