‘Moment’ Is the App That Will Scare You Away from Your Phone and Make You Human Again

Photo: via beautifulpixels.com

We use our cell phones too much. It’s no secret. You’re probably reading this on your phone now, and if you’re not, you’re probably wishing you were. On average, people are plugged into their cell phones close to seven hours each day. Seven. Fucking seven hours! That’s half the time you’re awake. So between a good night’s sleep and being on your phone, two-thirds of your life is occupied with tech and the dream world, let alone stuff (like work) and that other thing (compulsive masturbation).

The Moment app was designed show us just how phone-crazy we’ve become by tracking our uses with interesting graphs (free) and offering pro tips (cheap) that can get you out of your phone and back to living like we did back in 2003. The smartphone app was not designed to drive your car for you while you text, work for you while you stalk hot girls on Instagram or have sex with your girlfriend while you Snapchat her beautiful ass (the one you take photos of instead of enjoying it up close). But it can do plenty else, as you’ll see in the slideshow below.

I found out about the Moment app via Joe Rogan’s podcast (another good use of time), and I’ve been using it since. And I’ve got to say, it feels good to see the progress (this coming from a guy who’s not phone sick). Moment seems to be just what we need right now, but be careful, as even Moment can be a way to distract you from your life, even if it’s a shitty life.

Moment Is the App That Will Scare You Away from Your Phone and Make You Human Again

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