NBA Fan Brawl Makes ‘Suns in 4 Guy’ Local Celebrity Spurring More Fights for Five Seconds of Fame (Video)

It turns out, the new rule in basketball is if you can’t dunk, you must trash talk your way into a brawl for a shot at free tickets. This is exactly how it went down for “Suns in 4 Guy,” a punch drunk fan who scored a signed jersey and Game 1 Western Conference Final tickets after his viral video caught the attention of Suns star Devin Booker.

It all started during the Phoenix Sun’s playoff series against the Denver Nuggets when an irate fan couldn’t handle the sting of defeat and decided to throw a punch at the nearest Suns fan. Unfortunately, he chose the wrong guy and ended up getting his ass handed to him while his tormentor threw up four fingers and coined the now legendary chant Suns in four.

The tormentor’s real name is Nick McKellar and you can check out his handiwork below (which many are rightly claiming is better than the Floyd-Logan fight):

After McKellar apologized for making Suns fans look bad and claiming self-defense on Twitter, Booker rewarded his steadfast loyalty with free tickets, valued at nearly $1,000 a pop. The news perked up the ears of a few Suns fans who saw the reward system that was now in place for kicking the shit out of a perfect stranger who isn’t wearing the same shirt as you.

Shockingly, it quickly led to another fracas, this time with a pair of outnumbered Clippers fans smarting after a Game 1 defeat in Phoenix.

While you might be asking yourself why two dudes in an arena full of opposing fans would want to pick a fight, it’s most likely because humans have been fighting on behalf of people they’ve never met (and who don’t even know they exist) since the dawn of time. Plus, free schwag is a helluva drug.

The only thing that can stop this runaway rumpus train now is if the Los Angeles Clippers indeed prove the ‘Suns in 4 Guy’ wrong by winning at least one game in the series. Because if they don’t and the Suns sweep the Conference Finals, expect an all-out battle royale.

Cover Photo: Twitter

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