Ranked! Legendary NBA Moments to Fire Up a Different Postseason

Photo: NBA.com

The NBA Playoffs are here, and we’ve already had some things go down that we will remember for years to come. From Kevin Durant taunting his greatness to Giannis Antetokounmpo doing what he does best, the pro basketball postseason are already sizing up faster than March Madness.

History was made before the playoffs even began, being this is the first time in 15 years with no LeBron James in the postseason. It’s a weird landscape where teams like the Nuggets and Bucks are favorites, the Lakers and Cavs are nowhere to be seen, and the Warriors’ legacy is in danger while they fend for the first three-peat in years.

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As new moments take shape, we’re going to look back at the classic ones that shaped the NBA to what it is today. Have some moments that you think should make the list?

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Sound off on our social channels and let us know who your heavy favorite is. For once, it’s anyone’s game!


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