Meanwhile on TikTok: ‘Raw Chicken’ Cake Is One Food Fake-Out We Can’t Wait to Try


In recent years, there’s been a strange food trend on social media. And no, we’re not talking about all of the videos of people tell you how to get free food or even the obsession with the perfect tortilla wrap. We’re talking about cakes that are created to look like they’re not cake. You know, the cakes that get cut into the reveal they aren’t actually a pair of Air Jordans, a pickle, a camera, or a carton of eggs. Recently, it seems this odd trend has jumped the proverbial shark. That’s because the newest cake that’s trending on social media looks like a piece of raw chicken.

@cucumberskinlinguineit’s all fun and games until the victoria sponge gets marinated Sunset Vibes – Lofi Network

Also, it should be noted that we’re not saying that it resembles a piece of raw chicken. We’re saying that it looks disgusting. It completely looks like a piece of pink, potentially salmonella-filled chicken. It was created by a TikToker named cucumberskinlinguine and the internet can’t stop looking away.

@cucumberskinlinguineReply to @kardawe i was going to eat this cake 5 days ago but instead i’ve spent this whole time completely MANGLING it MMMMM – Sugondese

Not only is this the grossest cake ever made (in our opinion), she goes one step further and “bastes” it with a “marinade” made from fruit preserve and chocolate syrup. She then puts it into a refrigerator and then pretends to roast it in an oven. It’s enough to make us feel like we’re living in a dream world. It’s that weird. Don’t believe us, watch the gag-inducing video.


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