Wendy’s Was Busy Roasting McDonald’s On Black Friday

Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

If you were crazy enough to brave the crowds on Black Friday, you may have missed this internet roasting that was going on between two fast food giants: Wendy’s and McDonald’s. Now Wendy’s has roasted McDonald’s before when they bashed them for their so-called “fresh beef,” but this time around it was all about their Twitter skills.

Check out at the mistake that some McDonald’s intern (probably) tweeted recently.

Now as you can tell, that “link” wasn’t posted. So that’s why I’m saying an intern was probably responsible for that. Or maybe McDonald’s doesn’t pay their social media person that much, which wouldn’t surprise me. Anyway, this is how Wendy’s responded.

And Twitter was of course all about it:

And some folks felt bad for McDonald’s:

Don’t worry, McDonald’s, you’ll get them another day.

h/t Someecards

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