Jay Butler Goes Full-On Farm Boy After Dropping the Ball as NFL Quarterback and Kristin Cavallari Counterpart, Mini Cows Ensue

Jay Cutler has returned to Instagram – and he brought some four-legged friends along, though probably not of the breed you’re thinking. In a new video, the former NFL quarterback who now lives in Nashville, Tennessee, introduced his two new miniature cows. Yup. Cows.


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John said no rodeo Jimmy. No rodeo means no rodeo. Lucky for you I have the answer. @yellowstone @_jeffersonwhite

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“So I spent the last two weeks watching Yellowstone and at the end of it the only logical thing I felt I could do was…” Cutler said before making the big reveal of one black and one brown cow in the back of a livestock trailer. “Hey guys. We’re home. We made it,” he told the bovines, whose names are Ruby and Hank. The proud owner later posted a pic of the pair settled into their outdoor pen.


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Say Hello to Ruby and Hank. Thanks to @hastingsminimoos for making this happen. If you need some mini cows check them out.

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Cutler deleted his @ifjayhadinstagram account a few weeks ago in the wake of his divorce from reality show star Kristin Cavallari, the mother of his three children. Lose a wife, gain livestock? Whatever keeps you warm at night, Jay. You wouldn’t be the first man to find comfort in farm animals. Let’s just hope he keeps things platonic.

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