Stray Dog Kept Visiting Car Dealership So They Hired It, Buyers Can Enjoy That New Car Drool Smell


Many of us have a soft spot in our heart for dogs. This is especially true when it comes to stray dogs. Some of us have even adopted stray or rescue dogs. But, to find our pup, we probably went to a kennel or shelter, fell in love, and brought them home. We probably didn’t work at a car dealership where a stray dog kept showing up, attempting to find a forever home.

This is exactly what happened at a Hyundai Prime dealership in Brazil. Months ago, employees noticed a stray dog consistently sitting outside of the showroom. Even though the dog came back often, they just assumed he would eventually get tired of looking in the windows and move on to some other business. But, he didn’t.

For weeks, the dog kept coming back. It wasn’t until a rainy, stormy night that manager Emerson Mariano finally decided to let the pup inside to get out of the weather and get some food and water. What Mariano assumed was just a one-time thing turned into a full-time position.

That’s because the dog was adopted by the staff of the car dealership and even “hired” to work there with the very official position of “pawfessional consultant” and even gave him an ID badge. They also named him Tucson Prime and started an Instagram account to show the rest of the world what he was up to on a daily basis.

He was so well behaved and calming for customers that he was even promoted to be the official greeter. It’s safe to say that not only did Tucson find his forever home, but he also got a pretty great job in the process. Not bad for a former stray.

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