The Museum of Memories Is a Fun Way to Make Your Instagram Followers Envious

It’s tough to keep your Instagram feed interesting, especially during coronavirus quarantine when there’s nowhere picturesque to go or any impressive restaurant food to capture – without risking your life.

But you do have one option to spice up your feed and make your followers insanely jealous: the Museum of Memories. Created by Texas native and artist Steffi Lynn Tsai, this 4,600-square-foot “interactive retailtainment art installation” consists of several themed rooms with painted murals and props to help you to fill up your Instagram with colorful, quirky, fun selfies.


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Who remembers flip phones!? In our all blue monochromatic texting room in MOA! Thank you @yi9598 !

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There are coloring book rooms with giant crayons and paint tubes, a birthday party room with a massive cake, a flip phone room with huge emojis and texts, and a dreamy cloud room. Some of the exhibits are seasonal or have changed since the museum opened and others (like a super cool bowl of cereal that you can sink into) are temporarily closed because coronavirus can’t help but ruin everything good and holy.

But both of the museum’s locations, in Dallas and Minneapolis, are open despite COVID-19. All you have to do to visit is book an appointment online. There are some restrictions on party sizes and operating hours to ensure safety and allow for increased sanitation, so make sure you read the fine print before dropping $20+ for admission.

Then get goofy and bank enough pics to boost your Instagram likes for the rest of the year!

Cover Photo: @heymuseumofmemories (Instagram)

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