Super Bowl party

Honest Timeline: Attending a Super Bowl Party When You’re Not a Football Fan

Super Bowl Sunday is a major social event. If you’re not at a party, you’re doing something wrong. But what if you’re not a football fan? Whether you just don’t understand the rules, think the sport is beneath your intelligence, or prefer the ballet version of men prancing around in tights, sitting through several hours of football fanaticism can be exhausting. But you’ll do it because you don’t want to be that one lame friend who doesn’t show up to root for the favored team. To prepare you for what will be hours of shouting at the TV, belch-inducing beverages, and sloppy snack food, we’ve constructed this honest timeline for attending a Super Bowl party when you’re not a football fan. We’ll get through this together, one play at a time.

Cover Photo: Robert Deutschman (Getty Images)

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