New Zealand Man Gets Drunk, Sells Car And Then Reports It Stolen The Next Day

Photo: max-kegfire (Getty)

Sometimes waking up next to the village bicycle isn’t such a bad thing after all.

According to the New Zealand Herald, a New Zealand man went on quite the bender over the weekend and at one point needed more money to keep on drinking, so he did what seemed like the most logical thing at the time.

Yup, he sold his car.

The man’s car must have been one giant heap of shit because he was only able to fetch $800 for it, but that was enough to tie one on for the rest of the night and then some. Unfortunately when you drink that much booze, odds are you’re going to forget a thing or two when (if) you wake up the next morning. That was indeed the case this time around, as the man reportedly forgot the whole selling his car for drinking cash thing and called police to report that his car had been stolen.

“Thankfully the man who bought the car checked the registration the next day on the CarJam website, as he was worried it might be stolen,” Rotorua Police Senior Sergeant Dennis Murphy said. “The man came into the station with the car to let us know what had happened. We were able to get in touch with the original owner and told them to sort it out between them.”

The biggest takeaway from it according to Murphy? You guessed it: “Don’t drink and sell cars.”

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