Drunk Man Rescued from River, Proves Why You Shouldn’t Drink and Raft

You’ve heard of The Old Man and the Sea, but what about the drunk man and the river? That story takes place in Indiana and it involves, as one might expect, a drunk man and a river.

The man in question evidently decided to spend his day drinking and floating the river, a typical summertime activity for numerous people. The only problem was that the river he was floating down was the Blue River, which led to and swept over the Milltown Dam. And the man was passed out, because he was very drunk. According to reports, numerous people reported a man on a raft with a single bottle of rum. That single bottle was more than enough, however, because the man got so drunk, he passed out on the raft and was headed towards certain disaster. Police officers called to the scene tried to get the man’s attention, to no avail.

Luckily, dude was able to wash ashore before he tumbled over the dam. An officer was finally able to wake him and he was medically tested before getting arrested. Not a great end to his day, but that just goes to show — if you drink and raft, you better pace yourself. And you also shouldn’t try to drunkenly conquer the rapids if they lead to a dam that will almost certainly kill you.

Cover Photo: choochart choochaikupt (Getty Images)

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