Keep Your Car Safe With the BMMPR One Car Security System

Trust us, we know a good car when we see one, and yours is golden. Even if it is a 21-year-old lemon with 250,000 miles on it, it’s still your baby, and it deserves to be protected from anyone or anything at all cost. Make sure your car never loses its luster by preventing accidents, hit and runs, and theft with the BMMPR One Car Security System.

So, why does this car security system hold so much more water over all the others? BMMPR ONE is connected to your vehicle through OBD-II port and the cloud via a built-in cellular connection (yes, that cloud), so that it can effectively save the day whenever your car is in peril. the integrated sensors detect bumps, break-ins, battery drains, and so many other car defects and mishaps, it will leave you wondering why you ever worried about your hot wheels in the first place. And, just so we’re clear on how accurate this system is, it sends you notifications within two seconds of an event taking place. That’s right sports fans, 24/7 protection from any dings, dents, and damage your car may see, preventing you from having to track down the suspected body breaker. 

Speaking of tracking, have we mentioned you’ll always have a bird’s eye view of where your car is located? No, we don’t mean what space you parked in at Costco (though it can help you with that too), we mean if it gets stolen and driven far, far away. By using GPS, you’ll be able to track your vroom vroom from any room, making notifying the authorities where your baby rides away to easy and efficient.

Find out why Gadget Review called this bad boy the best car alarm ever and Business Insider deemed it the best car accessory at CES 2020. Get the BMMPR One Car Security System for $339 (Reg. $399) with code AUTO339.

Prices subject to change.