96-Year-Old Driver Destroys Parked Car In More Proof Old Folks Shouldn’t Drive

Photo: chameleonseye (Getty)

Remember how just yesterday I showed you all a video of a car accident caused by an old driver and told you that this is just another reason old people shouldn’t drive? Remember that? Well guess what? 24 hours later and I’ve come across yet another video that shows a car being destroyed thanks to an elderly driver.

The video below shows one car, driven by a 96-year-old man, crashing into a parked car. The parked car’s dashcam was thankfully running so we can all see the incident. Here’s how the dude with the parked car described the incident.

“While visiting a friend, I thought I’d found a great car park right out front of where we were. After visiting my friend for about an hour, I was about to leave. An announcement came over the PA asking for the drivers of two cars, one with my registration number, to come to the reception area immediately. When I arrived at reception I saw police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances everywhere. Luckily nobody was killed.

The ninety-six year old driver was taken to hospital with leg and spinal injuries. I’m guessing he mixed up the accelerator and brake. The car landed on top of mine and the one next to mine. Both were destroyed and taken away on tow trucks. Luckily my front and rear dashcams recorded the whole thing.”

Now check out the crazy video:

It’s safe to poke fun at this because no one was seriously injured, but I’ll say it again: old folks shouldn’t be behind the wheel, especially if you’re 96-years old. Where the hell do you even want to go at 96? If I somehow make it to the age of 96 I’m just going to want to stay in bed all day. Although, I kind of already do that.

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