Bill Gates Spotted in Public For First Time Since Divorce Announcement, Still Looking Pale White and Richer Than God

Bill Gates has finally emerged from whatever gilded cage he hides in for the first time since news broke of his divorce from his wife of 27 years, Melinda Gates.

The Microsoft founder, billionaire, and philanthropist was seen leaving the Greenwich Hotel in the West Village of New York City on Saturday. Sporting a fuzzy face, potbelly, and wedding band (whut?), Gates was dressed schlubbily in a gray polo shirt, navy pants, black shoes, and a plaid face mask. The kicker? He had a sweater tied around his waist. (Does he own The Rich Dummies Guide to Getting Dressed or…?)

His wardrobe only got worse in other paparazzi pics where he was captured walking around NYC in gray shorts, tall black socks, and navy blue sneakers. (Jesus, man, hire a stylist already.) Of course, the internet couldn’t help but make fun of his jiggly body and burgeoning man boobs.

While in New York, Gates was also spotted chowing down at Nobu with a young lady “believed to be” his 18-year-old daughter Phoebe. (Dear God, we hope so, though given the recent reports of Gates’ philandering and unwanted advances on women he’s worked with, who knows.)

The irony, of course, is that it doesn’t matter what Gates looks like. Based on his net worth alone, gold diggers – probably some as young as 18 – will be on him like flies on shit until the day he dies. Oh, to be a wealthy man…

Cover Photo: Robert Kamau / Contributor (Getty Images)