Meanwhile in Wisconsin: Burglarized Bakery Puts Perpetrator’s Face on Their Cookie, Some Might Say the Cookie Monster

Photo: Canfora Bakery (Facebook)

Imagine this scenario: you own a bakery and, during the night when it’s closed, someone pries open the door with a crowbar and breaks in and robs the place. You catch the perpetrator on your security cameras but the hoodie-wearing, winter hat-adorned man isn’t very easy to distinguish.

Obviously, you give the police this information and put the burglar’s face on social media in hopes that someone recognizes him. This is exactly what one bakery in Milwaukee did. But, instead of simply hoping that someone sees his image and calls the police, they decided to take it one step further and make cookies featuring his face.

Photo: Canfora Bakery (Facebook)

Photo: Canfora Bakery (Facebook)


Canfora Bakery is a staple in the city for its baked good, sandwiches, and Italian cookies. But, until recently, it didn’t sell cookies featuring a criminal on them. In an effort to help the public ID the burglar, owners Eric and Karen Krieg came up with the unique idea.

They poured through the security footage and found a reasonably clear image, printed it on edible paper, and put it on a little under 100 sugar cookies.

Surprisingly, this gimmick actually worked and the perp was identified. We’re not sure if it was technically the cookie that broke the case, but it was a lot better than just sitting around and waiting for a lead. Plus, it’s pretty great press for their bakery. That’s what we call making the best of a bad situation.

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