Meanwhile in Wisconsin: Man Goes Viral After Baking Salad-Stuffed Cookie That Came to Him in a Dream, Just Imagine How It Ends

Dreams are weird. We do and say things in slumberland that we never would do IRL. We definitely wouldn’t advise reenacting your bizarre dreams once you are wide awake. But try telling that to a certain man in Wisconsin who decided to make a cookie recipe he dreamt about.

“He made a cookie recipe? So what? What’s so bad about that?” you ask. Well, this wasn’t just any recipe that you might happen upon while watching Food Network. It’s a very strange – and stomach-turning – combo: an M&M cookie, in the shape of a hand, stuffed with Greek salad.

“Hold up!” you’re saying now. (Don’t say we didn’t warn you.) “We were on board with the sweet, warm, delicious M&M cookie. We could even accept baking it in the shape of a hand (it’d still taste just as good in circular form) but stuffing it with savory, salty, onion-laden Greek salad? Barf!”

“I had a dream where there was a food called “King’s Hand”, a hollow hand made of m&m cookie, filled with Greek salad,” said the man, who only goes by Arseny, in a Twitter post about this gag-inducing edible ordeal. “I could not stop thinking about it. Here is the culmination of a week long effort.”

He elaborated in an interview with Today: “This whole thing started as a joke a week ago. My friends were like, ‘That’s ridiculous, please don’t do this,’ and naturally that just made me want to try it more,” he said. “I do kind of have a weird idea and commit to it from time to time. Though not usually to the same degree as this.”

First, he made a mold of his hand from food-grade silicone. Then he filled it with cookie dough. After baking, he hollowed it out, and froze it. When it was firm, he stuffed it with salad. Then he (*dry-heaves*) ate it.

Arseny’s Twitter post quickly amassed over 166K likes, prompting him to post a step-by-step photo tutorial so other people could make “King’s Hand.”

And guess what? They did.

If you dare to bake (much less eat) “King’s Hand,” make sure to follow it with an antacid chaser. This “treat” is the stuff of your stomach’s nightmares.

Cover Photo: @thatfrood (Twitter)

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