Election & Anxiety Replaces Netflix & Chill As the Nation Binges Hard on the American Blue Dream (And It’s a Wet One)

“Netflix and chill” is so 2014. The phrase attributed to Kevin Roose of Fusion had become the go-to euphemism for a booty call…until this year. 2020 turned everything on its head, including cheeky phrases and about streaming and sex.

This year’s catchphrase? “Election and anxiety.” As the coronavirus pandemic refused to go away (much like a certain president…) and the race for the White House tightened, many of us found ourselves home alone, glued to our screens, trying to predict which old white guy would be the next leader of the free world. Who didn’t spend the entirety of last week refreshing multiple news sites, willing those Electoral College maps to change colors, and praying to whatever deity might control the election results?

While we’d like to think we can all breathe easy now (and stop inhaling those stacks of Oreo Double Stuf) because Joe Biden has been declared the president-elect, we also acknowledge that you really never know what could happen as long as President Trump is lurking (and, oh, does he love to lurk). The election – which is only supposed to last a day – could easily drag on for months as Trump files 1,000 lawsuits, demands recounts, and refuses to leave his presidential digs.

The American Blue Dream could be just that – a dream (but oh is it a wet one). Until we see Joe Biden inaugurated, we won’t fully believe that the nightmare of the past four years is over. We’ll be counting down the days until Jan. 20, and after that, we hope beyond hope that coronavirus will ebb, the country will regain some sense of normalcy, and we can go back to doing what we do best: coping a feel while watching some so-bad-it’s-good TV.

Cover Photo: Motortion (Getty Images)

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