‘The Goonies’ Trailer Recut As A Thriller Is Just Damn Perfect

Photo: YouTube

We here at Mandatory sometimes like to throw our fans some trailers just to change it up a bit. So while we shared the highly anticipated trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, as well as the Cloverfield Lane trailer that had everyone buzzing for a nice 24 hours, it is time we share a trailer for a movie that we really, really wish was real.

The awesome folks at Cinefix took the original trailer of the 1985 action-adventure film The Goonies and completely flipped it to look like a tense thriller. If we had no idea about the original film at all you could say that we would be first in line to see this movie. Hell, I think it is about time Hollywood reels in a bunch of kid actors and remakes The Goonies to look just like this trailer.

I don’t know if Sean Astin is still pulling for a sequel, but if he is then it is probably best he goes this route, makes it Rated R and watch the cash flow in. Damn, I should have been a Hollywood producer.

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