Pet Gained the Quarantine 15? Get That Fluffy Butt Moving With These Interactive Toys

Listen, we get it, we’re all in the house and doing some real weird crap to make up for it. We thought this whole social distancing thing would last for 6 months, TOPS. Yet, here we are, having to reap the consequences really, really dumb people sowed. And, while you might be at your max yawn capacity per day, just imagine how your pet feels. You’re home all day using your thumbs to text, channel flip, type, and cook while they’re just sitting there, less one appendage, waiting for you to entertain them. Thank your little precious sweet angel baby for being your quarantine companion with some new smart toys, which are all on sale for a limited time with code PREZ2021.

Wicked Ball: Interactive Toy for Cats and Dogs

Ready for Fido to be mesmerized for up to 8 hours a charge? This toy allows your pet the chance to swat, chase, and hunt a 100% automatic ball with three gentle, active, and normal interaction modes. Have a lackadaisical ball of fluff? This ball also features a snack hole which intricately places treats so your pet will get off its furry little butt and get some blood pumping. Your fur baby will benefit from intelligent companion mode, which works on a 10-minute play and 30-minute rest cycle. It even has a built-in collision sensor, so it never gets stuck and can maneuver back to hours of fun.  If you’re still unsure, the 19,619 backers who raised $1,065,938 for this toy’s success on Indiegogo and the 4,321 backers who raised $284,938 on Kickstarter would like a word. Get the Wicked Ball: Interactive Toy for Cats or. the Wicked Ball: Interactive Dog Toy for $36.51 (reg. $49) with code PREZ2021.

Wickedbone: Smart Interactive Dog Toy

Like the ball, this bone-shaped accessory is totally interactive and gets your pet from snoozin’ to cruisin’ in no time. Not your average chew toy, this bone acts as a gaming device that stimulates your dog’s brain while giving them the exercise they crave. It includes nine different interactive modes for puppies, senior pups, puppers with too much energy, chonky doggos, and beyond, and is easily controlled from your phone on the Wickedbone app. This one also has a massive following on Kickstarter, with 933 backers donating $91,306 to your baby’s health (looks like everyone knows a good boy when they see one). Get the Wickedbone: Smart Interactive Dog Toy for $52.46 (reg. $99) with code PREZ2021.

Prices subject to change. 

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