Man Married His Cat For Charity, Seems Like Convenient Way to Get Away With Marrying Your Cat

If you’re one of the millions of Americans stuck at home because of the coronavirus pandemic, you’re probably getting into some weird stuff. Isolation tends to do that. Maybe you’re traveling down a Wikipedia rabbit hole. Perhaps you started a new hobby of collecting your toenails for some yet-to-be-determined future project. Or, maybe you married one of your pets.

You’re probably shaking your head at that last sentence. Who could possibly think that marrying your pet is a great quarantine decision? Well, one California man did. He actually married his cat, although we’re not sure the marriage is technically legal. But their love shouldn’t be stopped just because of antiquated laws, right?

His name is Scott Perry and he obviously loves his cat (like more than a friend even). He adopted his beloved feline companion from the Los Angeles’ Best Friends Animal Sanctuary back in 2015. For those counting, that’s five years of commitment. We see his point. If you were dating someone for five years and you weren’t even engaged, people would start to talk.

Photo: Daniil Borovskikh (Getty Images)

Sure, the whole thing is pretty funny and strange. But the marriage was actually planned for a good reason. Perry used the press to raise money for an animal shelter. Don’t believe us? The inter-species wedding took place on May 23 at an animal shelter and was streamed live on Perry’s Instagram account. But, that’s not all. Not only did he marry his cat, but he also made a Zola wedding page and a registry which was actually a fundraiser for the animal sanctuary where Perry first laid eyes on Olivia.

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